Ride Together, Sweat Together! Invite a Friend for Free!


It’s your choice. We understand not every class time fits with your schedule and that's why we offer options. Jump into a live 45 minute high-energy and exhilarating cycling class featuring our very own Rukus Resistance Bands which help riders tone their upper bodies all while listening to our exclusive Cycle Sounds. For those busy and over scheduled riders, join one of our many On-Demand Rides offered throughout the day or Walk-In on a Peloton Station and enjoy live cycling rides streamed directly from the NYC studio.

It’s your schedule so you’re in control of your ride. If you’re new to cycling or an avid cyclist we encourage you to try us out. At Rukus your first ride is always free. Simply create an account, choose a date, then select your bike. It’s that easy. Upon your first visit you’ll be greeted by our highly trained and professional staff. They will help get you clipped and you’ll soon be enjoying your first ride in our state of the art Cycle Arena. Once you are hooked on the experience bring along a friend to be our guest for their first free ride.


A 45 minute, heart pounding cycling workout set to exhilarating music. Our signature cycling class is filled with hills, jumps, intervals and choreography on the bike with the added twist of toning your upper body using Rukus resistance bands. Measure the effectiveness of your ride using our state-of-the art CycleScores, statistics personalized for you and your workout. Each Instructor brings their own flavor of endorphins, inspiration, and empowerment.


For those guests who like to get H.I.I.T done! Our High Intensity Interval Training class is a 30 minute ride, allowing you to get your sweat on, torch fat, and burn calories by implementing drills, intervals, and sprints. Technology and statistics push you to work your hardest in a minimal time-frame.  


With RPM dictated by the rhythm, you’ll never leave the beat as you have your most fun workout ever. Bringing together the best in rhythm riding with our athletic choreography, upper body resistance training and intervals for a high-energy ride, you will feel like you’re having a 45 minute dance party on a bike.


Want to know all things Rukus related? We will go over how to set up your bike, break down the basic moves and explain how to use your stats to get the best workout of your life. Your CyclePro will guide you through four songs on the bike to get you ready for your first ride at Rukus. Remember, at Rukus your first ride is always free so feel free to jump into any class even as a new guest.  


Burn, baby, burn! A 45 minute all-inclusive workout designed to create a sleek and strong physique. Incorporating rhythm riding, intervals and two upper body strength training segments.


Are you ready to cause a Rukus? RukusPremiere guests will attend a free class that is all about what’s new. It might be a class trying out latest choreography, technology or even a class led by a dedicated, driven, and motivating CyclePro Trainee who has recently finished their intense Certification. The result? You'll refine your moves on the bike while we bring the fun and sweat to the next level.


RukusRise is a ride for a good cause. Organized by our riders and the Rukus leadership team, these special classes raise money to benefit charitable causes. To organize a ride, contact the Rukus Team today!